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Maxton Fences offers our clients a variety in gate choices, ranging from single man doors 32” to 60” with every size in between.  We can also offer double swing door options, so long as the client/installer is aware that they are left to configure a support wheel and latch system.  Each of our gates are custom built to suit your fence style, material choice along with specific width and height.  Full Privacy, Mid Trellis and Open Trellis are style options for our Composite gates.  In our Metal options, clients can choose either Full Privacy or Open Trellis gate styles.  Each Gate comes with the Boerbel Standard hinges and we offer 3 latch choices, gravity, gravity with single lock and our deluxe model, double lock with double access latch.  Maxton Fences provides clients with a complete package, fence with amazing gates to compliment the whole package.

Maxton Panels, small enough to listen, BIG enough to deliver.

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